Contract executive services in finance (CFO) and operations (COO).


We'll do your day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting, close your books, and prepare your financial statements.


We forecast your business whether it's pre-revenue or growing leaps and bounds. We help you plan your future by showing you the impact your strategy will have on your financial health.

Why Juggling Wolves?

Is your business just like every other? No? Then don’t treat your finance and planning just like every other. Juggling Wolves looks beyond your numbers to your business. We help you get control of your operations by showing you where your money comes from, where it goes, and where to spend your time. Beyond just keeping your books, which we can do with ruthless efficiency, we help you answer the fundamental questions of finance, markets, and strategy while providing the insight necessary for future growth. We check your base assumptions, unearth secondary effects, model outcomes, and clear away some of the fog in which all organizations operate. Not gurus, czars, or wizards; just smart, experienced, and hardworking.

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About Principal Mark J. Davis

"Mark is a strategic and socratic leader who is able to get buy-in on complex projects due to his keen analytical and presentation skills. As a high-level thinker, Mark can assess both where an organization is currently and help guide it into the future."
"Mark is an executive with a rare combination of strategic foresight and tactical acumen. His ability to collate new concepts, technologies, and marketplace trends into an executable strategy is a real strength."
"His understanding of social media, powerful analytical skills, and extensive... contacts proved invaluable."
"Mark has a facile mind and has made himself an expert in the continuing changes in the business and media worlds. He's also an effective leader who remains calm and personable in potentially stressful situations."